Andrea Welton
Greg Price
Olga Sinclair
Victor Hugo Zayas

WILD is a celebration of experimentation in materials used, in gesture and the mastery that comes from pushing visual boundaries. All four of the artists featured allow their work to move beyond them, almost out of their control, almost. Through bold, aerobic mark-making, turning ink, rock, glass and oil into moments frozen in time, these works convey the kinetic energy of the artist’s hand. The result are works of art that can barely be contained.

This is an online exhibition. Join us on our Instagram page for studio walk-throughs with the artists and more. Click on the images below for more information on each piece. Contact the gallery for PDF price list or shop the exhibition below.

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    I would be interested in knowing more about the works that are part of the WILD exhibition. Would it be possible to request a PDF with the price list?

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    Eliza Green

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