RAWsalt | PORTRAITS: The figurative paintings of Michael Harnish

As a graduate from the Laguna College of Art, Michael Harnish has received extensive training as not only a painter but a painter focused on the figure. Even amongst the graduates from this illustrious institution, Harnish stands out. His sense of atmosphere, movement and emotion, in the tradition of painters like Sargent and Whistler, flood his compositions, creating a deeply relatable time and place. Where Sargent was known as a painter of high-profile socialites, these works by Harnish seek to evaluate the importance of his subjects through a deep sense of intimate feeling and good-will much more in keeping with Whistler iconic portrait of his mother. There is so much being said in these works that can be universally felt and appreciated.

This exhibition is a survey of Harnish’s tremendous talent as a painter, featuring both earlier and current works.¬†For more information on portrait commissions, please contact the gallery.