RAWsalt | 1010 / GRAVITY

April 5 – 30th, 2018

1010 is a Polish artist who lives and works in Hamburg, Germany. Although he has been creating murals for some time, 1010 has recently gained worldwide attention for his perception-bending illusionary murals and work of fine art that combine spray paint with intricately cut metal or paper. These VOIDS that range in size from a poster to the size of a building create the powerful illusion of sinking back into space, calling to mind portals to other dimensions and the simple fact that we are not entirely in control of our perceptions. It is on closer inspection that you are given the answer to the trick and gain even more appreciation for the artist’s craft.

He goes by the name 1010 (ten ten) as an illusion to one’s and zero’s (binary code), a name that was given to him as an early street artist using the tag 1010. He now has commissioned murals and solo-exhibitions in galleries and public spaces all over the world.

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