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The 20th Annual Professional Gallery + Student Mentoring Program is a collaboration between Laguna Beach First Thursdays Art Walk (FTAW) and Laguna College of Art + Design (LCAD) which pairs LCAD senior students in the Fine Arts Professional Studies class with galleries throughout Laguna Beach. The program is designed to demonstrate the intricacies involved in the business of operating a gallery culminating with the April 7th Art Walk where the gallery exhibits the student art on their website and on their walls. All works of art are for purchase, with proceeds from art sales going to the student artists and the LCAD Scholarship Fund.

Join us on our Instagram as we introduce our incredibly talented student artist Scout Bender. Scout is heavily influenced by his upbringing, having been raised on the mountainside of the Island of Oahu. Scout says of that place, “There is a humbleness and peace that is made with the land that is millions of years older than you. It’s an island with a story and history. Volcanoes grew the island layer by layer out of the ocean. Land and water allowed for the volcanic soil to grow lush green vegetation.”

Connect with Scout Bender | @scout_bender

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