SALT FINE ART | experi[mental]

Latin American Art on the cusp of Contemporary

MARCH 3 – APRIL 30, 2011

Opening reception, Thursday March 3, 2011

Limited edition catalog featuring an essay by Daniella Walsh available for purchase. A signing will take place from 6 – 7 pm during the opening reception.

mayra barraza, roberto guerrero, angel poyon, priscilla monge, luis fernando ponce, jorge de leon, irene pressner, jaime izaguirre, jorge linares, ronald moran and karen clachar

This powerhouse of talent, taken together, forms part of the permanent collections of the Tate, the Museum of Modern Art in Tapei and the MOLAA. Each artist, from the rising to the renowned, has particpated in biennials around the world & shown in major capitals from London to New York to Paris.

Experimental demonstrates the aesthetic depth and political potency of Latin American conceptual art.  The theme of power and its’ reversal dominates the exhibit—- the workings of power are probed with humor, satire, subterfuge, outrage and curiosity.  From the blood red of Monge’s lush and subversive word plays to Guerrero’s linguistic insurrections–his set of embellished gold guns set like cameras, titled “Lethal Weapons for a Delicate Soldier”–we witness the shift from the visual to the conceptual that marks contemporary art.