The COLECTIVA summer exhibition allows us to gather our artists for an all-encompassing exhibition celebrating the breadth and depth of Latin Contemporary art while at the same time choosing to highlight work from a new artist to the gallery. This year we are pleased to introduce the photography of Leo Correa.

Leo Correa’s photographs split the world in two.  An ordinary object—-a teapot, a boiling pan, a stop light and a television set— becomes extraordinary by opening onto another world.  This other world is never simply reflected— rather, it is distorted in a metallic convex mirror.  Reality and dream become a hyperreal series of grotesque elongations, burlesque bloating and regressive repetitions.  A well-established multimedia artist with a 30-year career, Correa’s work is part of several reputable public collections such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The MOLAA, Christie’s Auction House and Bucknell University.

Correa is joined by artists from the perminent collection representing over 10 different countries throughout Latin America.