Andrea Brown

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Andrea Brown is a multifaceted artist working across many mediums including sculpture, installation, and painting. She chooses aspects of everyday life as her primary inspiration, arranging them and transforming their shape to create a personal form of communication through symbols reminiscent of hieroglyphs. Her skill as a sculptor informs her paintings with a sense of space and movement, making her “still life” anything but still. Her keen sense of composition and almost comedic timing create whimsical tableaus set against meticulously rendered patterns that evoke the Portuguese influence in Brazilian culture. The result is magical realism in its truest form.

Having exhibited throughout Brazil as well as in France, Spain and most recently Sweden, Andrea Brown is a well-established international talent. After a firmly established career as a celebrated sculptor, in 2009 Brown attended a residency at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux Art, Paris to learn painting and after her return to Rio joined the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage.