ROSEBUSH 15.75 x 27.5 inchesacrylic on canvas

ROSEBUSH15.75 x 27.5 inches
acrylic on canvas 

September 4 – October 19th, 2014

Opening reception Thursday September 4, from 6 – 9 pm

 saltfineart is proud to present the first United States solo-exhibition of Rio de Janeiro based painter Andrea Brown.

Working in many different disciplines, Andrea Brown is a visual artist that is not bound by material and certainly not limited in her imagination. Capable of highly narrative flights of fancy, Brown infuses seemingly everyday environments with a deep sense of whimsy, not necessarily always light in nature but begging to be considered, as if magic were as important to life as air or water.

By choosing aspects of the everyday as her primary inspiration, Brown is able to compose interior spaces, at times including people or just the evidence of (a shirt draped across a chair, a basket with a wine bottle leaning in the corner), that speak to the viewer in a deeply intimate way. Every single object rendered by Brown is a highly emotional symbol with an exact meaning set against richly textiled backgrounds that evoke the Portuguese influence in Brazilian culture.

These still lives are anything but still. Known first for her ability as a sculptor, her understanding of the 3-dimensional and her keen sense of comedic timing lend a sense of depth and motion to her compositions. Looking into one of her worlds, the viewer is given the sense that they are witnessing the present and engaging as an active participant.

The result is an overall mastery of the Latin tradition of magical realism in its truest form.

After a firmly established career as a celebrated sculptor, in 2009 Brown attended a residency at the Ecole Superieure des Beaux Art in Paris where she made the decision to learn painting. She then continued her career as a painter, returning to Brazil to join the Escola de Artes Visuais do Parque Lage in Rio. Brown is a well-established international talent in both sculpture and painting having exhibited throughout Brazil as well as France, Spain and most recently Sweden.